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Virgin In Store Photo Booths

Going to a travel agents on the high street has almost become a thing of the past, although our latest job with Virgin Holidays was to help create a refreshing a new retail experience.

Virgin Holiday’s commissioned Studio Time to create two mini photo booth pods to be used in two stores.

The area the photo booths were to be placed is narrower than in our standard photo-booth, in fact one is actually a corridor with only 90 cm from booth to person. This would not defeat us and we set about testing and designing a photobooth that could operate in such a small environment.

The final design was a very simple and small photobooth that is attached to the wall. The booth is no deeper than 20cm and is 75cm high by 45cm wide.

There is a choice of eight different backdrops for the customer to choose from, all backdrops are popular destinations from the Virgin catalogue. As all Virgin stores are paperless there are no prints to take away, just the option to email, Facebook or Twitter their photos.

The booth was also incorporated in to the digital signage displays in the store, so that selected photos could be streamed to the large 3×3 display

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Photo Booth Pod with Green Screen

Photo booth pod designed for retail use at Virgin Holidays retail store in the UK

Photo Booth Pod with social sharing

The photo booth pod comes with built in social sharing software, just use the touchscreen to email, Facebook or Twitter your photo.

Photo Booth Pod with Green Screen at Virgin

The photo booth pod is able to fit in the smallest of places where you would never fit a standard photo booth.

Photo Booth Pod Virgin Holidays Store

Photo booth pod is placed at the back of the virgin Holidays store.

Photo booth pod images on digital signage

The photo booth pod is also hooked up to the digital signage system to display images on the big screen.