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Car Pool Karaoke Video Booth

Carpool Karaoke Video Booth from Green Screen UK on Vimeo.

EE approached us with an idea to create a carpool karaoke video system, their concept to create a unique experience that would film amazing video footage for students to share on social media.

The Karaoke Video Booth

Car Pool Karaoke Video Booth

Karaoke video booth. On the left is the side of the booth the user sees, the middle and right is what the public sees.

Our creation: We designed and built a pop-up video studio and live edit suite in a box, with green screen cut footage running in the back window. The unit housed studio lighting, with a mini broadcast camera and 2 x 4k 50inch playback monitors, all fully branded. We processed the videos in real time without compromising on quality, as our equipment is capable of output broadcast of up to 4K UHD.

The students were able to share their videos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email (for those who forget their social media passwords!).

The video pop-up studio toured the whole UK from Scotland to Cornwall, the students loved it!! It’s been one of the funniest and best video booth experiences we have created.

The Customer Experience

Students were invited to make their video. They chose a song from Spotify via our iPad. A three second countdown prepared them for the start of recording and then they had 20 seconds to do their thing, we had a mic for the singers but many also chose to lip sync. They immediately got to share their video to their chosen social network.

The above video shows the user experience Car Pool Karaoke Video Booth using Green Screen from Green Screen UK on Vimeo.

The Finsished Karaoke Videos