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Estee Lauder in store photo studio

We are just about to wrap up a highly successful in house promotion at Estee Lauder, our spec was to set up a photo studio within their flagship store.

Their customers would receive a free mounted print following their makeover they had just had alongside the photo studio.

The Equipment

We use the latest digital cameras and lighting linked to the most up to date dye sub printers on the market delivering high quality prints in under a minute.

The Training

Subjects covered were how to use the photo equipment through to composition and daily running of studio. Thanks to our easy to use set up of the studio all staff were competent within a couple of hours and we left them happily shooting.

Peace of mind

We put in place a full back up service to cope with every eventuality. The staff are left with a “How to Shoot” booklet with all the info on the camera, lights and printer they would need. We would monitor the studio throughout its hire and are always available to take calls from staff if need be.

Sales up 45%

Quotes like this are staggering but these are the figures given to us by Estee Lauder after the first week of the studio being set up, also remarking that the “Photo Fabulous event” was a great success there are now plans to roll out the promotion across other stores within their group.

Custom made for the cosmetic and fashion retailer

In essence the photo studio gives any store an attractive cutting edge presence, generates excitement and is a proven way of boosting sales, this style of photo promo is tailor-made for the retailer.

What we can do for you

To find out how we can help you run your own studio or other photo based promos. Get in touch today.

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