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Freeze Frame Video Booth

Event: Matt Jones “Frames of the Mind“ cycling film launch

Location: Omeara London

Solution:  Custom Freeze Frame Video Booth with Green Screen

Video Booth Brief

Redbull approached Green Screen UK to create a Freeze Frame live video booth. We really never say no to anything. Mountain biker Matt Jones was having a party to release his new film “Frames of the Mind”, the film makes use of stop motion  technique with the help of a bit of green screen. Redbull really wanted to recreate this technique at the party but with the completed videos being instantly created. Instead of using a bike guests would be taking a run jump of a trampoline in to crash mats.


The Stop Motion Video Booth

Using our knowledge of live video production, green screen and video editing automation we go to work testing and creating. We managed to create a simple enough system that allowed us to create each person’s video in around 6-8 minutes. This was the first freeze frame video booth ever created.

At the venue we set up a trampoline and crash mats and then cover everything in green and erected a large green screen backdrop. The whole set up resembled a mini film studio, with cans of redbull everywhere.

Video Booth workflow

Guests would queue up to take a run and jump of the trampoline into the crash mats. We had several crew on site to manage the queue and tech teams to manage the camera and editing. As the person jumped they were filmed and the editor would immediately begin the process of creating the freeze frame videos. Video were scaled down to size for posting directly to Instagram.

Event Outcomes

Redbull and their guests were extremely happy with the end result. In total we created 60 videos for 60 people and there was only 100 people at the party. The videos were supplied to Redbull who shared them via their own social media channels.

Hire the Freeze Frame Video Booth

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