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Green Screen Live

Green Screen Live

Here is the first look at the latest Green Screen Live system we will be offering in 2014. The green screen live system allow people to see themselves live against a virtual backdrop.

How it works?

Guests come along and stand in the green screen backdrop, a large TV monitor is placed above the camera, here they see themselves interacting with the backdrop of their choice. Backdrops can also be changed in real time if they change their minds. When ready a member of our staff will fire the camera and the photo is taken. Please note we can also record live videos.

Getting your photos.

The photos are processed instantly and guest can take away a physical print and send their photos to email or social networks (Facebook, twitter, pintrest, sms). With video we instantly create a small file that can be uploaded to youtube, facebook or even for guests to email via a file link.

Above is a quick video of the system during testing prior to a SKY TV promotion event.

If you are interested in using the green screen live system at your next event please get in touch.