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Football Event Video Booth

Manchester City football club wanted an interactive user experience for their fans during their premier league game against Leicester City.

The interaction had to be something the fans could take home and share to social media. Green Screen UK was approached to provide a green screen video booth. The video booth would allow fans to be part of the football team. The end videos would be a truly unique and memorable.

Working alongside the club we used the graphics that are shown on the big screens when a new player comes on from the bench. We were also able to customise each clip with the fans name.

We used our open green screen video booth for this event as it is the most adaptable system allowing us to vary camera angle and height for each person. Our crew on site would manage the crowd and direct the fans in front of camera to make sure all recordings happened in one take.

The clip was limited to 15 seconds to allow sharing to all social media platforms and also to allow us to turn around as many fans as possible. We only had a 2 hours slot to run before kick off.

In total we had 98 fans take part sharing their clips more than 300 times to an social media audience of over 10,000 people. Plus everyone that took part loved it, we are sorry to those that joined the ling queue but missed out.

Green screen UK provide video booths for many different sports events including golf, tennis, running, swimming, cycling, horse racing, racing cars, American football, wrestling, rugby, tough mudder,  sky diving, surfing, extreme sports, paralympics, olympics and soccer/football. For more info on our video booths please contact us.