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Music Video Booth

Green Screen UK was approached by All About Live to create a live music video booth experience. Turning an existing video by the band The Darkness into an interactive live experience.

The video booth we were created was to go in to the 02 Arena for a concert and fan event. Essentially, we were creating a live Film and TV studio where groups of people could become part of the music video.

We set up a small video booth studio space with in the 02 arena London with cameras, backdrops. Lighting, film crew and director. The director used cue cards to direct the crowd to act in certain ways for each scene.

The whole video was 4 mins from start to finish. We had so many people wanting to take part that we had groups larger than anticipated in front of the camera and we only had a set amount of space to work In, so things got a little crowded. Like all live productions things can go wrong, especially with such a large group of people, however we knew this and all the mistakes would be part of the fun adding to the memories people would take home.

At the end of each video guests got to a USB memory stick in the shape of a guitar to take home.

The event was a huge success and people loved the idea and the taking part.

If you are interested in a live video booth experience for your event please get in touch.