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Video Booth in 4K

This year we saw the introduction of 4K, which is four times greater resolution than the current 1080 HD standard. Meaning the picture we see on the TV has much greater detail.

Studio Time as ever is keen to keep our systems up to date, so we custom built and designed the worlds first video booth capable of filming, instantly green screening and presenting 4K video live. The finished video can either be sent to social media or given on a USB stick.

We were approached by Western Digital in the USA to use this system for a press day at their stand in Berlin for the IFA show. They wanted to show the need for home NAS drives and how they can be used as a media streaming solution for 4K movies, which can use a lot of memory. For Western Digital we provided an uncompressed 4K video file that was saved to a hard drive for each participant.

Here is a sample of what we created.